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Well, after a breathtaking opening two tracks we needed to bring it down a little. The Sentinel,having plunged the Earth into disarray seemingly crashes his craft into the sea. However this is no crash. He is heading to a dome of crystal beneath the waves. Here, he enters the dome.

This is an emotional experience for him, as he is entering a legendary Atlantean artefact of which he has only read in History books. Once inside he joins with the machine and activates this awesome structure which has lain dormant along with 24 others on the seabedaround the globe for the past 25,000 years.

This is the Sentinel’s ‘Fortress of Solitude’ moment, where he ponders his mission and plans how he will go about winning over of the people of the World. He realises that he must try and unite the planet and change the way we live.

This is a wonderful atmospheric track. This started life as a jam in between writing other tracks. I found a really cool pulsing submarine sound which inspired us, and Niall and Ronnie came up with this haunting chord sequence. I later hit on the idea of bolting on the “machine section” which fades in towards the end of the track. This was an idea intended for something else which we all loved, but had been cut from an earlier track .I think we were all delighted that this found a place are in the album.

I love the feel of the vocals and the hint of vocoder, which represents the joining together of the Sentinel and the awesome machine…. “Nice!”

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Over the years, we have been lucky enough to write several songs that started with Ronnie and myself jamming in a, one of, spontaneous and real time way.

Unusually, these songs have ended up mostly unchanged from that first jam, to appearing on an album. ‘Blood and Roses’ and ‘Northern Star’ are two of these tracks and ‘Something in the Deep’ continues that tradition.

The guitar you hear on the album is the original take of that very first jam. The end section is a brilliant piece that Ronnie had written himself later and when working on the arranging, it felt right to combine these two ideas.

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It’s impossible to picture anything other than the depths of the ocean when listening to this.

You’re simply there! How cool is the submarine engine? I really like this a lot.

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It’s the pulse that sits in this track that always gets me, its like an alien with two hearts, pounding, sustaining two minds, undecided minds, the quandary of what to do for the best and how to go about the enormous task of re directing human kind. Can you imagine!!

I do love this track and when doing the vocal found myself immersed in every way, I became that Alien Messiah, that young god in his predicament.

The outro is my favourite piece of orchestration on the Album, possibly the most powerful piece of music I have ever heard.

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We actually recorded this underwater; too soggy to record any drums, so we didn’t bother…



Somewhere in the dark, lies the my heart
Somewhere in the deep I will find the answer

Somewhere in the darkness, I rest but cannot sleep
Somewhere in the deep… lies my power

Somewhere up above, they’ve forgotten how to love
Somehow up above, I must guide them

Somewhere in my dreams, many futures I have seen
Somewhere far away, they are watching…